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Yardstick @ Pearson SchoolsYardstick is now part of all the Pearson Schools across India. Yardstick has customized its flagship program Yardstick Experiential Learning Program (YELP)to meet the needs of curriculum needs of Pearson Schools

Yardstick @ NMS- DPS

Another milestone - Yardstick has partnered with The New Millennium School - DPS , Bahrain. YELP will now be part of their curriculum of Science and Mathematics.

With 60,000 + children and 80+ schools adopted Yardstick Experiential Learning Program, Yardstick is one of the leader in Promoting hands on learning in India and Middle East. Here are some of the statistics

1. 60,000 children across India and Middle East
2. 80+ Schools adopting YELP
3. 5000+ teachers training in hands on methodology
4. 95+ renewals of the schools
5. 20 - 50% increase in students learning outcomes
6. Pre Primary till 10th Science and Maths
7. Over 450 modules to choose from

95% renewal rate and increase in student learning outcomes is attributed to Yardstick's strong understanding of teaching and learning methodologies, customization of content as it believes that every school is different, implementation expertise it has gained over a period and its focus on customers