Young Scientist

Young Scientist is a yearlong science hands-on activity program connected to the school curriculum that aims to increase the understanding and the application of science among children. Each hands-on activity is designed to enhance scientific inquiry and higher-order thinking skills in children. These can dispel the children’s misconceptions because of traditional learning, and broaden the teacher’s bandwidth.

Children in the Young Scientist program learn to cross-relate their understanding from the activity to their learning in the curriculum. The hands-on activity can be conducted both individually and within a group. Each student receives an individual activity book and activity kit. Yardstick provides quarterly behavioral and conceptual assessment profile for every child in the program.

Yardstick's Young Scientist Program includes:

  1. Connection of the key learnings with the curriculum
  2. Hands on activities
  3. Individual activities
  4. Individual activity book and activity kit
  5. Behavioral and conceptual assessment profile for every child, once in a  quarter