Teaching and learning aids

Yardstick aims to complement daily classroom learning with our teaching and learning aids, which are based on our pedagogy of hands-on learning. Our proprietary teaching and learning aids range from pictorial charts, concept maps to audio-visual support delivered through workshops.

One certain way to brighten up the classroom and encourage the engagement of the children is through our activities and games that serve as excellent hands-on learning tools to back up the text-based education system.

Some of our Teaching and learning aids include:

  1.  Activity Kits and Activity books
    1. Activity Kits and work books are designed according to the syllabus (CBSE/ ICSE/ State Boards). Activity kits have all the materials that are required to do the activities. These activities are mapped to the class wise and syllabus wise. Each activity kit will be supported by an activity work book where each activity is well explained. These activities focus on conceptual understanding, connecting to real life and increasing scientific temper.
  2.  Math and Science games
    1. Math and science games ensure that learning becomes a joyful experience without compromising on learning out comes. These games focus of participatory learning. These activities help in making abstract concepts simpler to understand. Some of the games include
    2. Number Ladders – Snakes and ladders in number format to introduce the concepts of negative, positive integers and BODMAS.
    3. Element cards – to introduce the atomic table in a fun way.
  3. Concept Maps
    1. An effective tool for learning and revision purpose. This also can be used for assessment purposes.
  4. Pictures and Charts