Teacher Training

Teacher Training

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. ~Mark Van Doren

The vision of Yardstick is to make learning enriching and joyful experience. To enable this to happen we understand and acknowledge the importance of teacher trainings. We interact with teachers at regular periods to discuss with them how hands on learning can be used in the classrooms and also understand the difficulties in implementing hands on learning in classrooms. We give them utmost support through providing various teaching ideas, hands on activities, activity kits, etc.

Yardstick provides a complete support system to teachers so that they can excel as they impart knowledge to children. We provide programs that are completely customizable to meet specific needs. We help to impart new techniques and teaching aids to make child an active participant of learning.

Our goal is to enhance learning through hands on learning, understand rather than memorize, handle misconceptions, and the connection to real life in the classroom. Our workshops aim to transform the teacher being a facilitator to becoming a leader.

Yardstick imparts teacher training in the following core areas:

Soft Skill Training

The training will help teachers in handling difficult children, understanding the learning styles of children, modifying the teaching methodology to suit the learning styles, keeping children motivated and understanding their areas of interest.

Pedagogy Training

This training consists primarily of customized packages for different classes and subjects. Teachers are assisted with hands-on techniques to make existing curriculum easier and more interesting to understand.

Curriculum Support

Innovative teaching and aids developed in house to support the delivery of entire curriculum. This includes mapping the curriculum with activity-based learning.

Trainings include the following

1. Hands on Activities related to curriculum. These hands on activities focus on increasing the understanding of concepts, and induce new teaching ideas
2. Teaching aids to make learning more active and engaging with students
3. Ideas of integrating activity based or hands on learning in the main stream class room
4. Handling misconceptions in the class room and connecting concepts to real life
5. Innovative assessment techniques
6. Content ideas include

* Using demonstration in the class room
* Using games which can played individually and group which have clear identified learning objectives
* Concept maps
* Flash cards and other card based games for making learning enriching
* Role plays
* Toy – making and use of toys as teaching aids in the class room