Students Workshops

Our Science, Math and English Workshops are very different from the mill classroom teaching sessions. In our workshops, children learn concepts and theories by activity. Each activity allows the student to observe the concept, question it, and understand it. “Learning by “doing” produces better and more creative results.

Our workshops are available under the Science, Mathematics and English streams. These workshops have been mapped to national and state curricula, such as the CBSE, ICSE and State boards. Each workshop teaches students to connect their observation to their understanding to achieve knowledge.

For instance, two of the workshops that students could participate in for an introduction to abstract concepts in science and mathematics or as revision to various concepts are:

Rubber band car:
The child understands the potential and kinetic energy and conversion of energy from one form to another.

Colorful electrolysis:
pH indicator helps the child to see the chemical process and the movement of ions during electrolysis. The process also helps the child understand the effect of magnetic field on moving ions.