The School Partnering Program encompasses all of Yardstick’s efforts to ensure the holistic development of a school into an activity-based learning center. School Excellence Program focuses on transforming a school into a center of for imparting hands-on, activity-based learning.

To make this vision possible, we provide support to teachers, students and parents in all possible ways on a long-term basis. We provide support to all the stakeholders involved to ensure that teaching and learning are joyful experiences.

Yardstick School Partnering Program primarily focuses on the following:

  • Equipping and empowering schools and teachers to take up activity based learning
  •  Introducing new teaching and learning aids and customizing them to teachers requirements
  •  Collaborate on research and contribute towards enhancing learning experience
  • Mapping the entire curriculum (Science subject, classes 4th-10th) to  activity based learning

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