With 95% renewal rates from schools and a sustained improvement (up to 50%)in learning out comes of the students, YELP is the most powerful way to teach children science and maths. Yardstick's 100% hands on (project based) curriculum of science and maths, 100% customizable to the needs of the schools, easy integration into the year plan as well as the lesson plans, and focus on implementation makes it the most

preferred partner for schools

In brief YELP is all about
1. 100% hands on learning and Inquiry
2. Experiment - Explore – Learn way of learning
3. Focus on real life applications
4. Activity sheets ensure learning
1. Mapped to the school curriculum
2. Choose the modules which are needed
3. Customize training needs
4. Customize delivery dates
1. Integrate to the Lesson plans
2. Integrate to he Year Plans

The Yardstick Teacher Cluster aims to start a dialogue process between school teachers,teacher practitioners, research scholars and teacher educators engaged in School education. This Cluster provides a platform for school teachers to exchange views, ideas, pedagogic practices, issues of curriculum amongst each other and with the wider professional community. The aim is to invite teachers to voice and share their expertise and understanding of classroom issues and concerns as well as to seek peer support for developing professional competence. This avenue provides school teacher to communicate , share and network .

Yardstick aims to complement daily classroom learning with our teaching and learning aids, which are based on our pedagogy of hands-on learning. Our proprietary teaching and learning aids range from pictorial charts, concept maps to audio-visual support delivered through workshops.

One certain way to brighten up the classroom and encourage the engagement of the children is through our activities and games that serve as excellent hands-on learning tools to back up the text-based education system.

Some of our Teaching and learning aids include: