Hands on Learning

Yardstick aims to complement daily classroom learning with our teaching and learning aids, which are based on our pedagogy of hands-on learning. Our proprietary teaching and learning aids range from pictorial charts, concept maps to audio-visual support delivered through workshops.

One certain way to brighten up the classroom and encourage the engagement of the children is through our activities and games that serve as excellent hands-on learning tools to back up the text-based education system.

Some of our Teaching and learning aids include:

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. ~Mark Van Doren

The vision of Yardstick is to make learning enriching and joyful experience. To enable this to happen we understand and acknowledge the importance of teacher trainings. We interact with teachers at regular periods to discuss with them how hands on learning can be used in the classrooms and also understand the difficulties in implementing hands on learning in classrooms. We give them utmost support through providing various teaching ideas, hands on activities, activity kits, etc.

Yardstick provides a complete support system to teachers so that they can excel as they impart knowledge to children.  We provide programs that are completely customizable to meet specific needs. We help to impart new techniques and teaching aids to make child an active participant of learning.

Schools have an in built system of an examination process for assessing a child’s knowledge, and thereby sorting and grading them. This system however homogenizes the children in a classroom, overlooking the fact that each child is unique with a set of strengths and specific areas of improvement.

Yardstick partners with schools to build an assessment framework and a question bank. Yardstick’s assessments are based on student’s behavioral competencies, ability to think differently, ask the right questions at the right time, communication and presentation skills and problem-solving abilities.

Yardstick conducts two types of assessments: Hands-on assessments and Multiple-choice assessments.